This is my Spiritual/Religion Page. Tell me what types of posts you would like to see in relationship to this category.

  1. jlbolden says:

    What is going on with Bishop Eddie Long?

    • peaches says:

      who cares let God deal with him. Everyone so quick to judge tired of this conversation too. Keep judging and tell me how it works out for ya

  2. jlbolden says:

    In every mans life, he shall be tried…

  3. jlbolden says:

    Lord forgive me in reference to the post under relationships that I posted on this day. I sometimes loose myself in the moment and well, say what needs to be said to my readers. AMEN.

  4. jlbolden says:

    Never give up hope, GOD has an answer

  5. jlbolden says:

    There is a huge difference between this video and the one below it. Amazing how worship services differ from one Christian religion to the next.

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