The first Annual Pretty Girls Rock Event was a huge success.



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Yeah, the great US Postal service. For years growing up everyone always ranted about how wonderful the job was. “You should get a job at the post office, the benefits are great’, is what i used to hear.  Or” Have you tried the post office, so and so works their and he says the benefits are great.  Then that sort of changed when the Term Going Postal didn’t just mean you were dropping off packages at the postal service.

Fast Forward some Thirty years, and what do you get, the US economy in shambles so badly that the postal service is about to drop 7500 employees, how is that for job stability.  How does that grab your gizzard ?


God Bless America….

Death of a Great R&B Rapper

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Nate Dogg, gonna miss your vocals.

Video uncensored version.


Not all Bullies are big and sometimes the victims fight back.  Bullies beware the consequences.

Japan Tragedy

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My heart and prayers go out to those caught in the wake of the Tragic event in Japan the past few days. This video, focused somewhat crudely on finances, business, but not nearly as much on the many people who lost their lives. Gotta Love the News.


US offers Assistance

AM 750 FM 95.5 News Talk Radio

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Are there many people out there that listen to this station?  I’m rather amused listening to Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity . These guys are rather harsh and biased on the events of late in our country. Whilst I don’t agree with everything that they have to spew from their forked tongues, they do bring up good legitimate arguments.

How do they fare in your eyes?

If you have never listened to them, check the links I’ve provided and tune into the show. It will change you…


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Homeless but not Hopeless

Job Offers


Never give up hope on your current situation, you never know where GOD will lead you.