This is my Love and Relationships Page. Tell me what types of posts you would like to see in relationship to this category.

  1. jlbolden says:

    Hey JLBOLDEN any idea why my wife won’t come near me after I’ve cleaned the fish?

  2. jlbolden says:

    Well, maybe if you bathed first things may be a little different, providing that you ever bath…

  3. Big Ren says:

    Is marriage the ultimate challenge of patience for men? Anything you want you must wait for. The family comes first financally. Women control the sex life what do we control? What do you think is a happy excistance for a man in a marriage.

  4. jlbolden says:

    Interesting question. I shall address this in my next major post.

  5. jlbolden says:

    There it is under my posts section, What’s wrong with my cookies. Go check it out. It’s a real sticky one…

  6. jlbolden says:

    Well Big Ren, in reference to marriage being the ultimate challenge of patience to men, I think that life in itself is a challenge. Marriage is one of those challenges that we have to carefully wade through. I feel it’s the good men have to be patient with their wives because they have to wait on them to decide when or when not to give out the cookies. On the other hand some men don’t feel that way, They just beat the fuck out of their wives and call it a day. So Big Ren that would be one way to not have your woman control your sex life, just take that ass when you want it. Now, we know that may not be the correct thing to do, but the option is yours. Be the good godly husband and wait patiently, jerking off in the bathroom or wherever it is you jerk off while your wife decides the next time you get laid or take that ass like a wild man and punch her in the fucking face every now and then that may help with the issue a bit. I hope that helps with your question. I however am a patient man and I don’t condone the beating of anyone, but those are the options as I see them. Take Care and may God be with you.

  7. peaches says:

    find something better with your time tired of this discussion if this is all u want find someone who will give it good luck with that. The world is full of stress and other obstacles like paying bills real life shit until those things are done and a womans stresses are gone figure out what to do about your addiction or move on. smooches

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