Happy New Year

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello and Happy New Year.

As we all stagger in from a late night of celebrating, casting out the old year and bringing in the new(Sober by now I hope), we took a look at ourselves, reflecting on how the last 365 days have treated us.  We all ask or are asked the same  trivial, trite yet seemingly  needed question. What is your new years Resolution? Well, considering how the economy has crashed and burned the last few years, homes and jobs have been lost, getting some stable income would be the first resolution for most. On the up side of that, the rich are still rich and those that still have steady incomes are blessed to have that. Someone had a child yesterday or got some other remarkable news that they needed. Stop complaining and be happy with what good God has going on in your lives and don’t dwell on the negativeness that is a part of everyone’s life. This thing that we call life, Love  it , take the good with the bad and keep pushing forward because you never know what tomorrow holds  “Never give up never surrender” ” When you are at your darkest moment turn to the light” and “May the force be with you.”


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