Posted: November 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Steel is used in many applications of our lives. Before it is useful it first must be  shaped and changed.  The steel  is first  heated by extreme temperatures which weakens the metal and then it is cooled which hardens the metal. This process, called tempering  strengthens the metal.

Many times in life we go through a tempering phase(change), during the heating process we are weakened and  it seems  nothing is going correctly and  that all is lost. We are taken  to an unfamiliar place.  Worry not and don’t be saddened, the time shall come when the cooling shall fall upon us making us harder and stronger than before completing the process making use more useful than before.

Have patience and wait on your full potential of usefulness. Endure the Heat and Await the Cooling, a brighter day is coming…


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