Beaten, Broken, Destroyed, Dead

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Abuse, Drama, Love and Relationships

The physical Beating of the body
Leads to a Broken spirit and
Results in a Destroyed life  or Death if no appropriate action is taken.

Tonight I was listening to a rather disturbing subject on a radio show.

It was horrified by some of the stories being told by the abused women. One young woman was discussing how no one new that her mother’s abuse until her father shot her mother, ending her life. Another was in an abusive relationship and she sought help from the church and according to her the churches she went to for help condoned what was happening to her and only told her to pray.

I have never condoned any type of abuse in a relationship whether the abuse is coming from the man or the woman. I really pity the abuser as much as I do the abused. I feel that something terrible is troubling their souls and they don’t know how to deal with it so they lash out at a stronger souled but physically weaker person. I say stronger soul because in order to endure abuse one must have truly a strong enough soul to deal with it. I really wish that there were more that I could do other than write about it, but maybe someone will see this and realize they are in a place they need to escape from before their life comes to an untimely end…



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