Darkness Falls

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror

A blanket of darkness covers the radiance of the sky.
The warmth of the blaze is no longer, now only the chill of the alter ego remains.
Sounds of the shadow reverberate the coming of the pitch.
Impaired is the vision; at its mercy a multitude of artificial fluorescence takes a stand.
The dark one has succeeded and will revere in its victory.
This is the curse upon the land that will forever linger but for only a short time.
Soon the radiant one will come and the hands of victory will once again change.
This constant battle though is a necessary for the survival of each and everyone.
The total radiance of the unrelenting blaze might ourselves begin to burn.
The discomfort of everything if there were only light.
What a dreary place this would also be if we saw forever darkness fall


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