The Vacation

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Death, Horror, Night Terrors, Sex

My wife and I were on vacation in some sort of odd resort, odd being that it was in a hospital. It had been a long drive but we finally made it to our destination.

After checking in to our hotel room I decided to make love to my drop dead gorgeous wife. We were consumed with one another, her appetite was insatiable. The temperature of the room rose several degrees and we were encapsulated in a hot steamy dance of love making. Moments later while being serviced by my wife, the door flings open and another family walks into our room in awe. They stair for a few moments and the agent showing them the room comes in and apologizes deeply for the room mix-up. We however did not stop our tango. They leave the room and we continue for hours until we both pass out.
I awaken, still in a stupor from the overwhelming experience of my wife, and I hear voices. They were deep voices, Male Voices, with a strong accent. I fully open my heavy eyes and there is a black man standing in my room near the door and another is coming from my bathroom. The man walks over to my bed and sits on it. I’m thinking to myself at this moment, “Who the fucks are these guys”? I lay there for a few moments more so that I can make some sense of the matter. Nothing logical comes to mind. I roll out of my bed onto the carpeted floor. I notice there is a bat underneath my bed. My mind starts exploding. I grab the bat and immediately begin my journey into the bathroom where both men now are. I don’t ask any questions. I begin to immediately violently swing the bad hitting walls, mirrors, the sink and whatever was in my reach. I never got a hit off on either of them but they ran from my room like scarred puppies. Tormented the two Haitians, I believe they were, tripped over one another in an attempt to escape my wrath. When the ordeal was over, I checked the sweet and my wife was no where to be found, as a matter of fact throughout this entire ordeal, I never saw here again…
The next day I was in a hospital, where I am for the remainder of the time, and I see the same two Haitians. They walk up to a man and prick him in the neck with a needle; the man begins convulsing and falls to the floor. A few seconds later he is dead. They drag his body up some stairs to the room. I give chase and when I get there it is a horrid scene. They fling the body of the rails and watch as it falls, splattering to the ground. I run back into the hospital and hide so they do not see me. It however was too no avail. I am spotted by another group of Haitians they back me into a corner near some windows. I look outside and there is some sort of odd scaffolding. Immediately my mind reacts. I break the windows and climb out onto the strange looking apparatus thinking I would be safe. They ponder the situation for a few moments and another taller and much bigger Haitian shows up behind them. He is a Giant of a man, eyes as red as blood. He points out of the window at me and they immediately begin coming after. By this time, I’m halfway to the ground praying I don’t slip and fall. Of course in situations like this, I seemed to have that white girl syndrome that you always see in the scary movies. You know she is running for her life from the killer in an open space and trips and falls over nothing. It happened to me, I fell to the ground, I was thinking, “son of a bitch” as I fell slowly to the asphalt.
I awoke some time later, in a room on a table filled with dead bodies. It looked like a morgue. The stench was unbearable. There was a man with a very blood stained hospital coat standing at a table. I could hear the rattling of metal. My mind began to race. I could only imagine what kind of demonic tools of torture he had on the table. Also in the room there was a large container filled with some sort of bubbling liquid. One could only speculate what it could be. My speculations were not far from wrong. The man grabs a needle off of the table and walks over to the vat; he fills the syringe with this unknown liquid and immediately walks over to another large cage. How could I not have seen this giant gorilla in this cage before? Maybe it was the blood stains on this mains coat that deterred my attention from it. The man injects the gorilla with this serum and it immediately began convulsing and died like the man I had noticed before. I wasn’t trying to be part of this sick experiment. I then notice that my hands and my legs are unbound. This is my chance to get the hell out of this sick place. I slowly creep off of the table and walk over to the man relieve him of his syringe and jab him in his neck with it. There isn’t much left inside, but it is enough to do the job. I fill the remaining syringes with this poison and let the killing begin.
Upon walking out of this hidden room, I find myself back in the hospital. Everyone there appears to be in a frantic feared state. As I am walking backwards looking at them, I bump into a frail looking Hispanic little boy. His face is filled with fear as if he had seen something heinous. He muttered something strange and ran off. Down the hall he went running, from what I wasn’t exactly sure, but I had an Idea. From around the corner he was running towards they appear, several Haitians. The boy try’s to stop, but slips and falls on the freshly waxed hospital floor and looks at me. I am bumped by something. It wasn’t me he was looking at. Another group of men had been chasing him. They continue towards him and do not notice me. The boy gives me a terrified look as he gets off of the floor. I am powerless to help him. He looks around for options of freedom and sees only one. He backs up and begins a short run and dives out of the hospital window. The frail Hispanic boy plummeted to his death from the 12th floor window of the hospital. I am frozen for a moment in dismay as the two groups converge together, standing there before the broken window. They watch as his body splatters to the ground beneath. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, when will this nightmare be over? At that moment, I’m not sure what came over me. My mind began to race just as it did before with the bat in my room. I shove my hands into my pockets and pulled out a syringe in each. I begin a suicide run towards the six Haitians and have no intent of turning back. My heart is pounding and my breathing is heavy. This madness has to end one way or another….
I black out for a time. It’s as if I went to sleep whilst I was running down the hall. I awaken and my eyes open to a bloody mess. I’m standing in the center of what looks like a blood bath. I’m completely drenched; blood drips down my face across my lips to my chin and finally spatters to the floor. I hear a voice yell, “Freeze put your hands up.”
I do not argue or even try to explain myself to them. It would be futile anyways, the 10 guns drawn on me didn’t appear to be very good listeners. I am escorted out of the building two a police car and carted way. Outside as I begin the walk to the car, I can hear cheers and clapping. Because of the mass amounts of blood in my ears, I also can vaguely hear the words HERO being chanted by the crowd.

I awaken in a cold sweat….


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