The Monique Show

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Entertainment

I had the privilege of meeting a very attractive, well spoken and  very intelligent young lady a few days ago. We exchanged business cards. I will never forget the card she handed me. There was a female wrapped in a microphone wire holding the mic  in her hand. I commented on the card and she stated she wanted to make sure her card was not thrown away by people. I laughed slightly and assured her that definitely was not going to happen. Her name was D.J. Traci Steele of V-103 of Atlanta. The next day I receive and email letting me know that she will be on the Monique Show. I thought to myself wow this could be interesting. I catch the show on a regular and  I love what Monique is doing, keep up the good work Monique.  Anyway without further ado here she is on the show with Mika Means, 32 mins and 50 seconds into show(on the left in a purple top) doing what she does best.


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