RL or Fantasy

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Books, Entertainment, Fantasy, Fiction, Movies, Non-Fiction, Politics, Sci Fi

I have always wondered why it was that some people don’t enjoy Fantasy. I also wondered the opposite of those that love Fantasy and can’t stand RL or real life situations.

So I know there are a ton of Sci-fi, Star-Wars, fantasy and Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Fanatics. Are you completely into Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction type things or do you sometimes delve into the Non-Fiction?

The same is true for you guys who can’t fathom fantasy, or just don’t get Sci-Fi and would rather watch a documentary or read an authors autobiography or watch a movie about the normality of RL situations with a twist. What is it that turns you off about the fantastical or scientific elements of it?

Can someone please give some clarification on this subject ?




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