In Too Deep

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Drama, Love and Relationships, Sex
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Before you get in too deep read read read.

During my course of starting short and long term relationships I realized that most of the time I had no clue what it was I wanted or needed in a relationship, until I wasn’t getting it.  Or realized that I fell into the Love trap before information was divulged to me. I found that I was not the only person that was having these issues.

So I decided that I would ask around to find out what problems occurred later in relationships that they had wished they had known about early on. I would say within the first few days or first month of the
relationship. I know to some this may seem totally unsound because you really can’t get to know a person that well in a short amount of time, and you’re correct. But taking a blunt up front approach can save you a lot of heartache, pain and misery in the long hall. I polled several people that I knew and wanted them to give me a question they wished they had asked before getting In Too Deep.  A kind of a deal breaker, but
what I did not realize was that, this was a can of worms that seemed to have endless and out there responses that I was not ready for. Some of which well, I can’t say see for yourself. Below are some questions and statements that I was given. These items are in no special order, I wrote them as I acquired
them.  If you have more please feel free to add to the list in your responses.


LTF-long term friend=boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé.

LTR-Long Term Relationship

STR- Short Term Relationship

1.     Are you a bitchy person towards others?

2.     Are you a passionate person?

3.    How many sex partners have you had?

4.     Are you mentally unstable, taking medications for
psychotic breaks?

5.     Have you been raped or abused?

6.     Have you ever slept with someone of the same sex?

7.     How deep is your level of commitment to your spouse or
partner when it comes to self sacrifice?

8.     How much are you willing to give up for your spouse, LTF,
or partner for your spouses happiness.

9.     What do you do when you find yourself loosing interest
in a spouse, LTF or partner?

10.  Do you have any deadly non curable diseases, or STD?

11.  Areyou still involved with anyone?

12.  Whatdo you have to bring to the table in a relationship?

13.  Areyou or your family full of drama?

14.  Are you an habitual liar?

15.  What is your level of promiscuity?

16.  Do you have any sexual inhibitions?

17.  Are you a sexual deviant?

a Chains, Whips, Leathers, Spikes, Dildo’s, Latex, Feet, Nostrils, Anal, Oral, Auditory– You get the picture

18.  Are you interested in an LTR or STR?

19.  Am I just a booty call to you?

20.  Do you think it is O.K. for only one person in the relationship to say “You are
not showing me enough affection”, but not O.K. for the other person?

a.   Ie, a woman telling a man this, but the woman
having issues with a man saying it to her.

21.  Do you realize that some things that you do have to change before we get married
or before we go any further in this relationship?

a. Sorry guys, no more strip clubs once you say ,“I DO”   🙂

b. Ladies   you have to get ride of that special understanding friend…

22.  How does your family feel about interracial relationships?

23.  I’m an atheist and your catholic is this really going to work?

a. Or mixed religious beliefs

24.  Are you with me because of the things I do for you?

a.  Oh yeah, I love those home cooked meals PDA and sex on the neighbors car. Ooooh   yeah.

25.  Are you going to stop the things you are doing for me now once we get married or take our  relationship           to another level?

a.  Ahhh come on I remember when we used to do it all the time, now it’s like once a quarter.

b.      I know my toenails have gotten  a little longer but u used to really get off on playing with my feet.

26.  Are you the type of person that holds grudges too long?

a. It’s been like a year are you still holding that over my head?

27.  Am I going to be enough woman for you?

a.  Most women don’t like womanizers, so um yeah? She’s not like Lays you can’t have more than one  🙂

28.  Are you physically abusive?

a.  Anna Mae I said Eat the damn CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SMACK)


29.  Do you have a police record and if you do why ?

a.  28 b,  ahem

30.  How well endowed are you ?

a.       Contrary to belief some women don’t like sleeping with horses?


31.  Are you a freak in or out of  the bedroom?

phew that was a lot

  1. Lorenzo Hall says:

    There are plenty of questions that need to be asked before the realationship takes the major step to commitment. You never really know the person until problems occur. Then the real persons shows so the questions that are asked really dont tell you anything. The harsh reality is men and women are completely geared differently. A mans love for a woman grows in a much different way than a womans does for a man. Woman give love very openly in the beginning and situations chip away at it but a man love grows as situations occur. A man needs to know that you are all there for him no matter what and the history before him can easily be over came. It takes time but definantly do not ask questions you really dont want the answer to.

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