Terrestrial Glass

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Horror, Night Terrors
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It happened again, 2:30 am. I could hear voices, like a echoing whisper.” You can’t see it without the lens, the terrestrial lens.” Come look here, I will show you.” The voices kept echoing over and over. It was pitch black, I could not see a thing. I remember telling myself thing, “what, I said, I can see it just fine”. There were some other random images floating through my head but I can’t remember what exactly. Suddenly I lifted my covers and there on the left of my legs was an image of me with a flash light looking around, only it wasn’t me. I shined the light over to the right of myself and it was unexpected. A hideous creature moved in the light then it looked up at the version of me that had looked underneath the covers to see what the voices were telling me to see. The young me under the covers dropped the flash light and the real me, the one typing this now at 2:44 in the morning awoke, body on fire in a cold sweat, trembling with fear. I lay there for about 10 mins still half asleep with my eyes closed partially still in the dream, I didn’t want to completely awake to forget what I had seen. Finally I opened my eyes and peered into the dense pitch of the night. Starring at the walls I lay motionless, finally fully awake, something moved behind me on the other side of the bed. What could it be, my mind was racing, I closed my eyes telling myself it”s not real, it’s only a dream, it’s only a dream……


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