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Posted: October 3, 2010 in Drama, Politics
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OK, I am all about helping out all humans that are in need, I’m all for it. I have a question though. Now this question may be be sparked due to my lack of knowledge of the subject matter, but sometimes all you know is what you see or here. It’s often I hear of some celebrity or well off person helping citizens over seas in other countries. I know that some of these persons are from other countries and they are doing exactly what I’m asking, helping their home firs. The fact of the matter is our soil is a hott flaming mess that is in need of some serious assistance. It would make sense for us to clean up our own home before trying to step abroad to help anyone outside of our home. I know tragedies happen all over the world, but as I stated before I’m for helping people, but should our home needs to be in order first. Maybe it’s about politics, I really can’t say, since i’m not a politician. If i’m not mistaken, I think some celebrity once stated that we as americans don’t appreciate what is or has been done for us in the past, and would rather help those in another country. This also was thrown back in that persons face shortly after. Those that were being helped began complaining of the circumstances under which the help was given.
What happens now that we are in a depression? So GOD forbid any natural disasters to happen in another country whilst we are in this economic fiasco that we are in, but, it would interesting to see how America handles another looming tragedy.
Is there anyone who cares to shed some light on all of this.

  1. dimples says:

    it seems as if USA is always in other peoples business.. they always want to help this one and help that one, before they take care of their own damn house first. my mother always said to make sure your house is in order before trying to help someone else. I know there may be times when you dont have but still you find to help someone else in need that might be worst off than you are, but seriously.. the U.S. is out of control with minding people business. they always want to tell another country how to take care of thier people and they (US) cant take care of their own people. this is one of the reasons other countries dislike the US. and frankly i cant blame them either.

    I want to know who the hell is going to help the US when they fall on hard times like they are now. Who is helping them. they are helping every body.. they are giving money for bailouts that these bastards arent even using for the purpose the money was given for .. they are giving this one money and that one money, yet the are telling people that they have no money.. of course you have no money when your ass is busy trying to buy the damn world a pacifier.

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