Stop in the name of the LAW

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Drama, Politics
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I’m Watching CSI and a thought came across my mind. I know this has crossed someone elses mind at some point. When should the police stop chasing a suspect? note word is suspect not a convicted criminal. Is chasing someone to death ever O.K. ?

  1. peaches says:

    If it is going to cause others to be hurt you must stop. Maybe we need better cameras to get more info to catch them later. In some states you have to stop chasing if it gets to be too dangerous. Will we sacrifice the innocent to get one person especially if they are non-violent.

  2. jlbolden says:

    And that my dear is the million dollar question. When is enough enough.

  3. Dimples says:

    When someone is running from the police and they are “innocent” it makes you wonder, what the hell are they running for if they are innocent.. I feel they should continue the pursuit until the person is apprehended or he/she gives up and turn themself in.

    If he is driving at a high speed trying to get away from the police, he is possibly risking others life for his freedom so that makes me wonder “are you really innocent”

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