Committed Sex

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Sex
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So In the conversations of men and women this topic seems to come up on a regular basis. In a commited relationship such as marriage, how much sex is enough, is there a such thing as “doing it too much or not doing it enough? Is there anyone out there that is having a problem with it either way? What should be done about it if it becomes problamatic in the relationship? Sorry kids, no video for this one.

  1. Dimples says:

    the only time you shouldnt be having sex is if the woman is on her period or if one of you are really sick.. but dammit if you are married, sex should never be a problem for either party.. but women like to play all these sex games once they get the man where she wants him.. Divorce her ass for abandonment because that is her wifely duties to fuck her man whenever he wants it and same for him.

  2. MZZLEGGZZ says:

    Good sex is what you make, it as with all things sex in marriage and relationships requires that both parties put in an effort to keep it spicy and hot between the sheets. Men ask women to jump through hoops for them to get that feeling of fireworks and the infamous tingle in his pants, yet when the women is in need her better half acts as if he is only able to give her the basics. If the couple wants fireworks everytime I say throw the rules and the window and make it do what it do, ride that shit until the wheeels fall off. To the young lady dimples my comment is: are you a lesbian honey because the last time I checked sex games are great, maybe you just need new ones.

  3. dimples says:

    Leggzz sweetie, I looove me some dick.LOL. and games are for kids to play.. thats the problem, too many games are being played and no one is being real or serious.. I dont think it’s men wanting women to jump through too many hoops, (some do) but I dont think from the couples i’ve interviewed over the past couple years, thats not the case. the surveyed and the interviews clearly showed that the woman always wanted to control the relationship and the things the men did and the best way they knew how to control situations was by withholding sex from the men. the women admitted it.

    the women jumps through all the hoops they need to, to get that man, why stop jumping through them now that you have him.. yes both parties are responsible for keeping things spicey but why does it seem like the women are the ones not trying to be as spicey as they were in the beginning. I congratulate you if the “games” are working for you and if you are able to keep the hot stuff flowing, as for me, I have no problem keeping it HOT in the bedroom, garage, backyard, whereever, as long as he is happy I’m happy and as long as he is not asking me to do anything outside of what i believe in like fucking animals and crazy shit like that, we’re good.

    Think about this legzz, can you really tell me that you think men are ready to venture out into some different, exciting sexual experience than women? To me the men are ready and willing to have sex in that restaurant bathroom just for the hell of it and the women are more to say no because of this or that. Some chicks i know is ready to try a little something new.. but a lot of them arent. and its true.

    If a woman wants to have sex and her man acts like a chick and tell her not tonight i have a headache, she will loose her mind.. He cant tell me no, he must be fucking someone else.. thats the first thing she’s going to think. she’s not going to think back on all the times he wanted to make love to her and she blew him off.

    And legzz, i have a forum for you i think you will be great in ..

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